About PublicRadar Portal

PublicRadar Portal is a web solution to support GA (General Aviation) and other flying objects activities. By tracking and sharing such vehicles position data among registered users, provides unique service for all those who want to use airspace safely and correctly.

To start using it get mobile device application MobileTracer which turns your smartphone into the PublicRadar supported tracker device. This Free access service is here for you to be tested 24 hours every day. Next step is replacing smartphone by HW tracker and register to obtain additional or even private services.


CS SOFT a.s - PublicRadar portal provider and developer.


Flight school F AIR with main base on Benešov airport is all time partner of the publicradar.cz portal. By operational use and testing provides feed backs improving functions of whole system."

 Open Street Maps

Portal PublicRadar contains information from the open streetmaps database, see www.openstreetmap.org.


Portal PublicRadar contains information from the open flightmaps database, see www.openflightmaps.org.